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NZ Hip Hop legends feature on new Tipene single.

Stream/Download: Tipene - All That I've Got (feat. Fortafy, Kaleb Hill, Sid Diamond, Koma, Wox, Juse1, Genocide, Mareko, Scribe)


2013 APRA Silver Scroll finalist Tipene aka ‘The West Side Hori', releases his first single in 3 years. 'All That I’ve Got' features 10 of NZ’s most well known Hip Hop artists including Scribe, Sid Diamond, Mareko, Fortafy, and Kaleb Hill (K.ONE) amongst others.

On the back of this 7 minute cipher, Tipene also announces the release of his album ‘Tautoko’ (meaning ‘support’), an opus which has been '35 years in the making’ and is set to become a part of NZ Hip Hop Folklore. ‘Tautoko' sets itself apart with features from some of New Zealand’s biggest music names across generations together on an album unlike ever seen before, including artists such as Prince Tui Teka, Dam Native, Che-Fu and production talent including Sickdrumz (Rihanna, Lil Wayne), Juse (Smashproof) and Chong Nee (Che Fu, Pieter T). Each song on his album is a personal anecdote into what growing up in the New Zealand provinces around the turn of the century has been like for rural Maori.


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