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OD with my homies

OD is a group of brothers and friends from Flaxmere, Hawkes Bay. They have been writing and producing music together for years, purely for the love of it. And now - in what appears to be the blink of an eye - they are about to release their debut single ‘Mood' through Empire Records. Band spokesman THC says ‘It’s been quite a year…if you had told me that we would have single coming out through a record label a year ago, I would have told you you were crazy!’ Doors have been opened as up-coming producer Cody Wave is a member of the group, but the sound of OD is unique because of the different personalities each member brings. Meet the boys here:


THC (The Homie Cody)

“Born in Hastings, New Zealand, I grew up and lived in Flaxmere for 18 years. I’ve represented Hawkes Bay in Rugby, League, Touch and Softball (I’ve also played softball for New Zealand:). I dropped out of high school at 16 and went straight into the meat works. I have no music background in my family. I picked it up as a hobby after being inspired by local talent, and I’ve slowly progressed over the years…. I have fallen in love with making music! Now I’m obsessed with it…. all I wanna do is create…and it’s helped me become a better man”.



“Born into a working-class family in Flaxmere, I grew up there for 17 years before moving to Australia four years ago. I played sports my whole childhood and lived a normal kiwi kids life. The musical inspiration I have comes from my parent’s, their love of the music, and the music they listened to. Most nights I would come home and my mum had the Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill playing, and my dad listened to a lot of rock. Creating my own music has only been a part of my life for the last two years. The night it came to me - and I decided to dedicate myself to music - was a night that me and THC had a few drinks… and after hours of talking about doing it, we shook hands and decided from there that we would create a team and make good music together which has led us to where we are today. I have no agendas… my only goal is to make the best music I possibly can, and get myself to a position where I can feed my family for the rest of their lives”.



"I grew up in Flaxmere/Hastings, New Zealand and moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2014 with my family. Growing up I loved music and had to have it playing no matter what I was doing. As I got older, I started to take notice of my older brother (THC) who was making music throughout my years at high school, and it surprised me because it was actually good music (lol)….so I thought to myself “that’s my older brother - if he can do it I can too - and I’ll be better! From there I just fell in love with every part of it…I have never been so eager to learn about something in my life, and I constantly want to create and explore new sounds. It’s exciting, there’s nothing else I could see myself doing!”.



"Also born and raised in Flaxmere/Hastings Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, I come from a musically talented family. My fathers a musician, so are his brothers. My siblings are also musical…my sisters can sing, and my brothers write/rap/produce etc. That’s where my passion for music came from. I first learnt how to play guitar at age 6. From there as I got older, I learnt how to play the bass, drums and piano. At age 11 my brothers taught me how to use a program (DAW) called Fruity Loops and I started making beats. By the time I was 12 I joined the school band (band leader/lead guitarist) and did school productions. Fast forward 5 years, I ended up leaving a computer course I was doing and got a job. I saved up some money to buy some studio gear, started collaborating with my brothers and his friends (Oh6 Offishal)… and it’s grown from there. And here we are today fulfilling dreams!”.


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