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Tazman Jack

Tazman Jack

Following on from his first full album release in 2021 (‘Eyes Closed’), Northland musician Tazman Jack (Ngāpuhi and Te Roroa) releases his new single “Let It Go”.

Like many of his recent releases, Tazman Jack wrote, recorded and produced “Let It Go”, and the song covers themes around mental health and well-being, a topic that is important to the 27-year-old, who grew up in Kaipara, lives in Auckland and works as a scaffolder and personal trainer by day.

“I try to have a bit of a holistic approach to life,” says Taz. “You need to take care of the body, the mind, and the spirit for your personal well-being. I’ve had loved ones that have been through tough times and I want to create awareness for mental health.

Lockdowns and isolation over the last two years has also seen an evolution in Tazman Jack the ‘entertainer’. The lack of opportunity to perform live shows with his band at venues and events has meant Tazman Jack has found a new creative outlet for his considerable musical abilities, that as a DJ and Producer. Hosting smaller house parties and DJ’ing has seen a developing passion for electronic music – particularly Drum & Bass – and a soon to be released remix of ‘Let It Go’ was also produced by Tazman Jack, along with some engineering support from Tom Lee (Lee Mvtthews).

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