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Cody Wave

Cody Wave

Producer ‘Cody Wave’ comes from a musically talented family in the Hawkes Bay. His fathers and uncles are all musicians. Cody’s siblings are also quite musical, his sisters can sing and his brothers write/rap/produce, “That’s where my passion for music came from”, says Cody.

He first learnt how to play guitar at age 6, from there as he got older he learnt how to play the bass, drums and piano. At 11 years old his brothers taught him how to use a program (DAW) called FruityLoops and he started making beats.

By the time Cody was 12 he had joined the school band (Band Leader/Lead Guitarist) and did school productions.

Fast forward 5 years, he ended up leaving a computer course he was doing at the time and got a job. Cody saved up enough money to buy some studio gear and started collaborating with his brothers and friends - Oh6 Offishal a local Hawkes Bay Artist.

When Cody hit his 20s he was producing/recording local artists in the Hawkes Bay and helping out with a music program at Taiwhenua O Heretaunga.

Cody has built quite a reputation in the New Zealand Urban community working with the likes of Sid Diamond, TY, Smashproof, PT and Mikey Mayz to name a few. He is also in a group called O.D. who featured on his debut single ‘Royalty’ along with TY, PT and Mark Graham.

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